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Data Scientist | Tennis Player | Entrepreneur

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First Republic Bank

2017 - Present

I currently work as a Quantitative Analyst in the Management Analytics team where I provide analytical models and reports for sales transformation and sales acceleration activities, for First Republic's entire leadership and sales force.

Pennsylvania State University

2018 - 2020

Pursued a Master of Applied Statistics. I wanted to increase my knowledge in statistics and data science. In addition, I was interested to learn more about this exciting and important field.

University of California, Merced

2013 - 2016

In undergrad, I majored in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Economics. I was given a full-ride scholarship and graduated at the age of 20.

My Latest Works

Predicting Airbnb User Destinations

Using classification techniques including K-nearest neighbors, decision trees, support vector machines, boosting, and neural networks to predict which country a user will choose for their destination.

Linear Regression

Modeling relationship of the effects of various aerobic fitness attributes on the oxygen consumption of runners.

Monte Carlo Cross-Validation

A multi-part simulation study to evaluate the performance of a Monte Carlo cross-validation method for model selection.

Orange Juice and Decision Trees

Predict which brand of OJ customers will purchase based on various characteristics using full and pruned decision trees.


Applying Linear Discriminant Analysis, Quadratic Discriminant Analysis and K-nearest neighbors to classify weekly S&P 500 stock index returns.

University Faculty Perceptions on Wikipedia Use

Predict use behavior of Wikipedia by teachers based on their attributes and responses to survey items. Used PCA to identify any relationships between survey items and if they cluster along with any attributes. Classified use behavior by performing Logistic Regression, LDA, QDA, and KNN.

Performance Comparison of Various Modeling Methods

Determine the relationship between maximal expiratory pressure and several other variables related largely to body size and lung function in patients. Fitted PCR, OLS based on Sliced Inverse Regression directions, PLS, Sparse PLS, and compared their predictive performance against Best Subset Selection, Lasso, and Ridge Regression.


Perform cluster analysis (e.g., k-means and hierarchical clustering) on a data set which contains transactions for a UK-based online retail store.

Principal Components Analysis

Apply Principal Components Analysis to data from the United States Department of Agriculture Food Composition Database.

Performance Comparison of Selection Methods

Compare the performance of four selections methods, Best subsets, Ridge regression, Lasso, and Manual selection using data with a variety of statistics for housing values and other information about Boston suburb.

Variable Selection

Predict the number of applicants for a large number of US Colleges from the 1995 issue of US News and World Report - using Best Subsets, Ridge Regression, Lasso, Principal Components Regression, and Partial Least Squares.

Cost Effectiveness of U.S. Colleges in 1995

Exploratory data analysis of data for a large number of US Colleges from the 1995 issue of US News and World Report.

About Me

welcome! I am a data driven researcher who is passionate about leveraging statistical techniques, data science, and machine learning algorithms to drive growth and efficiency in industry.

My background is in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Economics. I am well-versed in Statistics due in part to working towards my Master's in Applied Statistics. In addition, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of data structures, algorithms, databases, NLP, AI and new tools such as Apache Spark and Hadoop.

I have been working on applying new techniques in my current role as a Quantitative Analyst in the Management Analytics department at a Financial Institution. Currently on the side, I use python (matplotlib, pandas, scikit-learn), SQL (Microsoft SQL Studio) and R (ggplot, dplyr) and am familiar with MATLAB and Java. In addition, I am a Teaching Assistant at UC Berkeley Extension for a Data Visualization and Analytics Bootcamp.

I welcome new challenges and opportunities for growth and to connect with like-minded professionals and leaders who look to make an impact in business and society.

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San Francisco, CA